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To Mothers of Children of Color

To Mothers of Children of Color,

As a mother of a child of color, a Black woman, and a psychologist my heart is especially heavy these past two weeks. The recent public incidents of state sanctioned racial violence have stricken our communities in a time when we were already filled with grief and our patience stretched thin. For mothers, the pandemic has been a time of sustained fear, stress, and pressure but for many mothers of children of color, these past two weeks have been devastating.

As mothers, we remain vessels long after we birth our children (whether through labor, c-section, adoption, surrogate, or another path); every day we hold our children, our partners, and our communities. We are also too good at holding our rage, our fear, and our pain.

Mothers are formidable warriors and have been the fire under all our nation’s social justice movements. But we cannot fight or do the revolutionary act of raising strong, healthy, and proud children of color if we have broken backs.

Join me and other mothers raising children of color for a 1-hour free live virtual event in which we will carve out some space for ourselves and let one another share the burden of what we carry. I will also teach some strategies for how to manage emotionally during this time and sustain hope.

The event will be held on Thursday, June 4th at 7:30 pm.

Click here to register for the event:

I am a mother of a child of color, a Black woman, and a psychologist, my heart is heavy but it is also full of hope.

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