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Offering Support During Quarantine

This pandemic is a real test to our coping skills, resiliency, and flexibility. We are trying to wrap our heads around something we can't see and numbers of infected and dead that we can't fathom as we are quarantined to our homes. Stress levels are high and we are worried about our loved ones and braced for the worst. All of us are trying to navigate work (including loss of work), the economy, our relationships, our health, finding food and supplies, and the education of our children. As humans we are wired to collect together in times of strife, it heals and grounds us, but it is the one thing that puts us most at risk.

Trauma, mindfulness, and DBT practitioners have created tools and strategies for managing ambiguity, loss, and the complicated emotions that many are currently experiencing. I use these tools with my clients to help them feel more grounded, connected, and purposeful. Even just a few therapy sessions can be helpful in learning new skills and adjusting to this new reality.

Similarly, organizations are experiencing this crisis and leaders are struggling to adapt their styles and structure to the times. I have worked on the front lines of crisis response and trained organizations in crisis management for many years and I know how hard it can be to keep work moving when the team is stretched thin. I'm offering organizations and leaders training in effective crisis management and coping skills, please reach out if you think your team could use some support.

We are living through an unusual time. If you find yourself or your team are having trouble with communicating, completing tasks, and staying focused and if feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and depression are permeating it may be time to reach out for help.

Take care and let me know if I can be of assistance.

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